Friday, June 21, 2013

When will the Supreme Court Decide on Gay Marriage?

This is one of the biggest decisions of our time, right up there with Roe v. Wade and Citizens United in its far reaching ability to change the lives of Americans.  The Supreme Court could decide that any two consenting adults have the right to marry regardless of their gender.  Or they could choose any number of cop outs and not decide this issue at all or decide it against gay marriage.  But when?  Unlike some other courts, the Supreme Court doesn’t announce in advance which cases will be decided on a particular day.  The only time we have a good sense of what will be done on a certain day is the very last day, when the Court issues its final rulings.  And the Judges get to decide when the last day is!  However, if history is any guide the last day will probably be on June 26th or June 27th, as they like to break for vacation in July.  So, what is the answer?  Soon, we will know soon.

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