Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How do I get it all done? Dubsado!

People often ask me how I run a law firm, during COVID-19 shutdowns, when I have two children in grade school. The answer is a software program that runs a ton of our "back-end" office duties. It keeps the Fine Point Team on-task with workflows (for absolutely everything!) allowing us to work virtually but stay on the same page so each client is treated with care. 

Dubsado has invoicing features, client tracking features, and a private client portal. The best part is that it is extremely customizable so that when people interact with us through questionnaires or the portal it feels stylish and on-brand. The feeling we want to give is that Fine Point Law is a modern, detail orientated law firm -- Dubsado allows us to have everything we do reflect that.

We tried a number of other client management systems, several designed specifically for law firms, but they either felt clunky, pushed their own branding at our clients, or just didn't have the robust workflow features that we need. 

When we had to shift to almost all virtual work last spring Dubsado made it easy. I highly recommend Dubsado to anyone who has a complicated business to run, virtual or not.

Check them out!

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